Friday, March 4, 2011

Chicken Wisdom

My husband tossed the idea around for years before we got them, and I was never really sure it was a good idea.  But since I am the ever-supportive wife, a few years ago our back yard became home to a flock of chickens.  I grew up in suburbia and am now a chicken farmer.  I have to admit, though, they have really grown on me.  I pet them and thank them for a job well done when I go to collect the eggs.  I occasionally pick one up and carry it around like a small pet dog.  They really are nice animals to have around and don't require a whole lot of effort to raise.  And the fresh eggs are marvelous.

As I've gotten to know my chickens and they have become a part of our family, I am constantly reminded of how much we humans have learned from the chicken.  I like to call it "Chicken Wisdom."
  • "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."  This is a lesson that I can't seem to learn completely, but I keep trying.
  • Sometimes you gotta "rule the roost."  And sometimes you gotta just step back and let someone else be in charge.
  • In almost every situation there can be "too many roosters, and not enough hens." And when those roosters start strutting their stuff just a little too much, just ignore them and get back to what you know you do well.
  • In life, there is a "pecking order."  It's hardly ever a good thing to be at the bottom of that order.
  • Being "cooped up" for too long can make anyone a little crazy.  Anyone who lives in MN during the long, cold winters can attest to that.
  • I'll never know "what came first: the chicken or the egg," but I know that God put one of them on this earth.
  • It's okay to 'ruffle feathers' a little along the way, as long as you keep it friendly and don't draw blood.
Do you have some Chicken Wisdom to share?

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  1. LOVE your chicken wisdom!! Also LOVE your eggs:) Thanks so much!

    Until recently we also had scrapbooking stuff in every closet/room of the house...had to make room for the baby, so it's all in the garage:)